Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Different Science Experiment Project for Class Nine 9th Standard

Expectation from a science experiment project for class nine 9th standard is very high in terms of presentation quality. Some of the science experiment project for class 9th standard can include germination of a seed /seeds project, tooth whiteners.

Science Experiments for Class 9th Standard:

In seed germination project you can use chemicals such as dilute hydrochloric acid solution on the seeds before planting

Science Experiment for Class 9th

Science Experiment for Class 9th

them and observe an improvement in the seed germination.

Some other experiments could be prevention of soil erosion, magnetic field experiments, levels of vitamin c in different foods/juices, experiment to check for viability of the seeds, experiment to help reduction of noise pollution, heat loss prevention experiment by checking for insulation thickness, etc. Science experiment project for class nine 9th standard can be varied and interesting.

Some more experiments that could be carried out for class nine are:

Take a saltwater sample to test for neutralization of oils in it; study various facts of nutrition of foods which are genetically modifies; working of a television can be very interesting and informative too; studying and experimenting with different brands of diaper to check for levels of moisture absorption; water purification experiments; recycling of

science experiments for class 9th

Science Experiments for Class 9th

non-biodegradable goods; increasing of crop productivity- experimentation with different ways; fruit ripening process and ways to check for nutritional value of fruit when ripened artificially and when ripened naturally; attraction of night insect towards light or heat- an experiment that will again be useful for day today living; environmental effects with the use of pesticides/ insecticides; effects of air pollutants on plants; a simple yet an experiment to learn from is role of yeast in making of cottage cheese; etc.

There are many more science experiment project for class nine 9th standard whether in the chemistry, biology or physics. Be it on your level of interest you can try out some of the experiments mentioned above.

Science Projects for 9th Std

Science Projects for 9th Std

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