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There are number of science experiments which can be demarcated as biology, physics and chemistry experiments. Now let us choose one among the science experiments from biology –‘Live Yeast in action’ and see what all it requires.

Requirements for Watching Yeast In Action:

Sugar – one teaspoon, pack of yeast, warm water, small balloon and plastic soda bottle

How to Experiment:

Whenever the yeast is cold, the microorganisms will be having rest .So try to fill the bottle

Water Glass

Water Experiment

with warm water for one inch. Add the pack of yeast and try to whirl the bottle for a while. As the yeast get into the water, it will be ready to act and it comes into action. Just like other animals, yeast also needs energy and food to survive. Yeast is microscopic fungal organism and if you add sugar into the water, you can see that the yeast will gulp the sugar, as it needs energy.

Now blowing the balloon for a few times stretch the balloon to place it near the neck of the bottle and keep the bottle in a warm place. Now you can see an inflated balloon.

The actual reaction is that as the yeast gulps the sugar, it releases carbon dioxide which is filled inside the bottle and then fills the balloon too. Another example is holes in bread caused by yeast. When the bread is baked in the oven, the yeast makes the holes as bubbles in the bread.

You can check out some demo for the above project like checking whether room temperature generates the amount of gas release out of yeast. Check whether the size of the container affects the amount of gas produced by yeast. The room temperature which helps the yeast to produce more gas and what food provided to yeast generates more gas. You can give anything to yeast like honey, any sweet syrup, sugar etc.

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