Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Buddel Thermometer Science Experiment

Science experiments help us to understand the nature of science in a very interesting manner. These experiments can be of great help to children who want to know about science. It is quite easy to perform such experiments without any use of sophisticated apparatus or lab equipment.

Buddel Thermometer Science Experiment :

They have been meant for school children, who can use these experiments for their projects or science fair. Science experiments like these can be conducted at home. These experiments can be accomplished by using things which we usually find at our homes or local market. Buddle thermometer science experiment is one of such wonderful experiments which are simple to conduct.

To perform buddel thermometer science experiment you will have to follow certain steps. All you need is a cork, drinking straw, bottle and some colored water. Take a bottle and pour some colored water into it. Through the centre of the cork, make a hole wide enough for the straw to pass through it. Now push a straw through this hole and then seal the mouth of bottle with this cork. You can glue the cork to secure it. Make sure that the straw dips into the water.

You can take a scale and fix it on the bottle. This will help in reading the level of heating. Firmly hold the bottle with your hand and soon you will see that the water will rise up the straw. This happens because when you hold the bottle, the air in the bottle heats up. As a result of which the air expands and puts pressure on the surface of water. This causes displacement of water which escapes into the straw.

You may have seen that this thermometer science experiment is convenient to conduct and involves very little effort. Any child can try this at home and find it quite fascinating.

Conclusion: This article sheds light on the amazing aspect of buddel thermometer science experiment. School children can use this science experiment for their upcoming science fair.

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