Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Rain in a Jar Science Experiment

Science experiments are not only the source of knowledge for children but also are the source of entertainment. These experiments have proved out to be truly fascinating for the kids. By performing such experiments kids get to know about the mystery behind science and are able to relate to the things that happen around them. Science experiments or projects help children to develop innovative ideas, creativity and interest in science. There are several science experiments which are simple to perform and are pretty interesting. The Rain in a Jar science experiment is one of the most popular science experiments.

Rain in a Jar Science Experiment :

To perform the Rain in a Jar science experiment you will need to have certain materials such as a jar with metal lid, hammer, cup of water, ice cubes, nail, spoon and some salt. First of all take the metal lid of the jar and then with the help of hammer and nail make four to five dimples on the inside of this lid. While doing so make sure not to puncture the lid. Now take a cup of water and boil it properly. Pour this boiling water into the jar and then place the metal lid upside down on jar’s top.

Make sure that the mouth of jar is completely covered with no gaps. Take some ice cubes (three to four) and put them on this metal lid. Add little amount of cold water with a pinch of salt and stir properly. Wait for few minutes and observe. Soon you will be amazed to see that the drops of water will start falling from the lid to the water below just like the drops of rain. This Rain in a Jar happens because the surface of lid is cold as a result of which the steam which is coming from the boiled water in the jar converts into water and starts to fall as the drops of water from the indentations of the lid.

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