Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

How to create a lemon battery experiment

Lemon battery is used in experiments all over. We can create a lemon battery as well. For this purpose you would require 2 metallic electrodes, lemon and a galvanized nail.

Science Projects of Lemon Power:

The nail should be coated with zinc and the metallic electrodes are made of different metals. (Copper and any other metal) We create a lemon battery experiment to show the working of the batteries.

To begin with 2 separate metallic objects are inserted into the lemon. The purpose of negative electrode is solved by using galvanized nail and the purpose of positive electrode is solved by using the copper coin. Both these electrodes are useful in creating a potential difference due to electrochemical reaction. Battery is energized due to zinc’s chemical change. Here the purpose of the lemon is to provide an environment to make this experiment take place.

It can be fun for children to create a lemon battery experiment and a simple way of learning. You don’t even need to think of too high an expenditure for carrying this experiment out. You can make as many lemon battery cells as you wish and delight everyone around you.
A multimeter is also needed to check the voltage that is produced during this experiment.

As I shared above you can create multiple lemon battery experiments and connect them together in order to produce more power. You will be amazed to know that you can run digital clocks, run the calculator also with this kind of power generated. Think of anything that comes to your mind and just go ahead and produce as much power that you wish to to make that device work. It will be fun not only for you but your friends and family too and an interesting way to put theoretical knowledge to practical use.

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