Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Invisible Ink Science Experiment

We all are familiar with invisible ink and they are quite easily available in the market. But you will be pretty amazed to know that it is possible to make invisible ink using lemon juice. Lemon is a common household item and we use it for culinary purposes. The invisible ink science experiment will help us make invisible ink with the use of lemon juice.

Invisible Ink Science Fair Project :

An adult supervision will be needed to ensure safety in case of children performing this experiment. To perform the invisible ink science experiment you will have to follow few simple steps. All you will need is some lemons, small bowl, white paper, small paintbrush and a light bulb. Cut some lemons and squeeze their juice in a bowl. Now take a small paintbrush and dip it in this bowl. You can now use this paintbrush to write something on a white paper. Once you are done with the writing, allow the paper to dry.

You will see that it will appear like a blank paper and you won’t be able to read what you had previously written. Now turn on a lamp and expose the paper to the bulb. Make sure that the paper is not too close to the bulb as it can ignite the paper. The heat from the bulb will make the writing on the paper pale brown in color. As a result of which you will be able to read what you had written before. The reason behind this is that the lemon juice is highly acidic in nature. When this lemon juice is applied on the paper, the material of the paper becomes weak. The heat from the light bulb turns the remaining acid on the paper brown in color.

Conclusion: This article focuses on the invisible ink science experiment which is very easy to carry out and involves the use of lemon juice as an invisible ink. Children will find this invisible ink science experiment pretty interesting.

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