Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Weight of Air on Paper Experiment

Science experiments are the best means to demonstrate certain facts of science in a fun manner. These science experiments or activities help children to develop a proper understanding of science, creativity and innovative ideas. The best thing about these science experiments is that they are quite simple for kids to carry out and involve use of common household items that we usually find at our home or grocery stores. While performing these science experiments kids should follow the instructions properly and take proper safety measures such as using safety equipments like safety goggles, cloak, gloves, etc.

Weight of Air on Paper Experiment :

Most important of all is to perform these science experiments under adult supervision only to prevent any kind of injury or accident. The Weight of Air on Paper science experiment is one of the most popular science experiments and in this article we will discuss this experiment.

To perform this Weight of Air on Paper science experiment all you need is a cigar box lid and newspaper. First of all place the cigar box lid on the edge of smooth table in such a manner that some part of this lid should be outside the edge. Now take a sheet of newspaper and place it over this lid and smooth it firmly on it. Now with your fist hit hard the projecting part of cigar box lid. You will be amazed to see that the lid will break without making the newspaper sheet flying up. This happens because the air is not able to flow in quickly in the space formed between the table, lid and newspaper. A partial vacuum is created and the normal air pressure acts as a screw clamp by holding the lid still.

You might have seen that the Weight of Air on Paper science experiment is pretty simple to perform with use of minimum materials which can be found easily at our home. Children can try this amazing experiment at their home and show it to their friends or family members.

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