Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

101 Science Experiments – Science is fun

101 science experiments are generally those experiments which can be tried at home and can be done in a very little time. These simple 101 science experiments can help a child learn the basics of science by trying hands on experiments with stuffs usually found in the kitchen or at home. There are various experiments which may involve experimenting with sound, gases, light, temperature, magnets etc. In this article we will focus on some of the best 101 science experiments which are quite popular among kids.

Amazing 101 Science Projects:

  1. Combustibility of vapors: Take a candle with large wick and wooden safety matches. Now light the candle and let it burn for few seconds. Light a matchstick and then blow out the candle. Place this burning matchstick into the white smoke without touching the wick of the candle. You will see that candle will relight. The reason behind it is that when the flame is blown out, smoke produces a combustible vapor which comes from stearin (a chemical in the wax).
  2. Miniature Volcano Experiment: Take a bottle of soda, roll of mint mentos and paper mache kit. Cover this soda bottle with paper mache kit in order to form volcanic structure. But remember not to cover the top of soda bottle. Allow paper mache to dry and then decorate this volcano to make it look realistic. Now slowly take the cap off your soda and put couple of mentos into the soda. You will see that your miniature volcano will erupt like a real one.
  3. Fire-Proof Clothes: Take distilled water (one pint) and add three teaspoons of ammonium chloride in it. Mix them well and then take some of your clothes you want to make fire-proof and soak them in this mixture. Once soaked properly, wash your clothes with clean water and let them dry. That’s it your clothes are fire-proof now.

Conclusion: This article gives brief information regarding 101 science experiments which can make it easy for the kids to understand science better by means of certain simple experiments.

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