Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Fire Through Ice Science Project

Many people think that science is boring and complicated. But you will be amazed to know that there are many experiments which are exciting and simple to perform at home. These science experiments are quite safe and can be performed by anybody. Children can use these science experiments for their forthcoming school projects or teachers can demonstrate them in their class.

How to Set Ice on Fire :

Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire

Fire through ice science project is one of the most popular science experiments. It is quite easy to perform this experiment and can be real fun for the children.

Fire through ice science project involves creating a fire with the help of ice. It is hard to believe, but that’s the truth. You have to follow certain steps to carry out this experiment. All you need to do is boil some water for several minutes. There is a reason behind taking boiled water instead of fresh normal water. The boiled water on freezing gives cleat ice as it does not contain any air.

But on the other hand, fresh water makes the ice cloudy due to the formation of tiny bubbles on freezing. Now take a symmetrically curved bowl and pour this water in it. Put this bowl in a freezer and allow it to freeze.

Once the water in this bowl turns into an ice, you can slightly heat the bowl to remove the ice. Take a thin black paper and put in on the ground and with the help of the ice try

How To Burn Paper with Ice

How To Burn Paper with Ice

to focus the sun’s rays on this paper (just like you use magnifying glass to burn paper). Soon you will see that the paper catches fire.

You might have seen that the fire through ice science project makes the ice work as a magnifying glass to set the paper on fire. This is quite a cool science experiment which can prove to be really very fascinating for the kids.

Conclusion: Fire through ice science project is safe and simple experiment. It is pretty astounding to see how an ice can put the paper on fire.

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