Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Light Experiments – Speed of Light Experiment

Light experiments can be really very delightful for your kids. These simple light experiments can be tried at home with easily available household items and they do not involve any kind of specialized laboratory equipment. There are many wonderful light experiments which provide a huge range of experiments to be conducted by a student, a science enthusiast or a teacher.

Popular Light Experiments :-

Some of the easy light experiments which are quite popular among children are mentioned below:

  1. Rainbow experiment:First of all move the table in your house to such a place where
    Light Experiments For Grade 4

    Light Experiments For Grade 4

    there is enough sunlight. Now place a glass filled with water on the edge of a table in such a way that it is half off and half on. Allow the sunlight to shine through this water. Now take a white paper and put it on the floor in such a way that the rainbow is clearly visible on it.

  2. Pencil in a jar: Take a jar and fill it half with water and then put a pencil in this jar. Now look at the pencil from both the top and side position. You will see that the pencil looks bent from the side. The reason behind it is that the light travels slower in water than the air.

  3. Coin experiment: Place the bowl on a table and put a coin in it. Now slowly move in a backward position while you are looking at the coin. Keep moving backward until the coin disappears from your sight and stop at that place. Tell your friend to pour some water in the bowl. You will see that the coin is visible again. This happens due to the refraction by water which bents the light from the coin.

Conclusion: This article focuses on some really cool light experiments which are simple to perform and can be very entertaining for the kids. These experiments can be of great use to a science enthusiast, teacher or a student.

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