Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Popcorn Science Fair Project Ideas

Pop corn science fair project is an interesting and easy experiment which most of the students choose during their school days.

Popping the popcorn with different temperatures with the given sample and reading the resultant data available and thus explaining the results. You need a glass box, a burner, a beaker with some fixed amount of kernels of popcorns, with a three piece stand and a dry neat glass box with a small exit.

Popcorn Science Fair Project:

Keep the popcorn in the beaker and fix the beaker on the three piece stand maintaining some space from the bottom. Keep the burner below the base to fire. Keep some space between the beaker and burner to avoid heating too much. When you light the burner and



proceed to heat the beaker, you can see that the pop corn jumps by breaking the seed coat and you need to place all these under a glass box.

You need to be caution for some things like heating the burner properly and dry each and every component in the experiment, so as to avoid expansion for the box due to over heat. A small exit is a must in order to decrease the air that will expand in the box as a result of over heating.

Now the conclusion about pop corn science fair project is how the corn pops, why does the pop corn pop and what is the logic behind it. You can see that the pop corn pops, because of the water contained in the centre, which when heated abruptly the water becomes vapor and the steam or vapor pushes in contrast to the inner side of the kernel as it heats up and finally the pressure from the steam overpowers the durability of the kernel and crops up. The whole blow up causes the soft tissue inside the core to puff toward outside delivering the popped kernel its typical appearance.

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