Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Twin Tumblers Experiment

Science experiments help children to learn about science in a remarkable manner. These science experiments are simple for the kids to carry out and involve use of common household items which we usually find at our home. Such science experiments help children to have great time while performing them and at the same time know about the amazing aspects of science.

Twin Tumbler Science Experiment :

While performing these science experiments kids need to follow the instructions properly and use appropriate safety equipments such as safety goggles, cloak, gloves, etc., since some of the science experiments may involve use equipments or materials which can cause injury or accident if not handled properly. Therefore it is always recommended to carry out these science experiments under the supervision of an adult. One of the most popular science experiments is the Twin Tumblers science experiment. In this article we will discuss about this experiment.

To perform this Twin Tumblers science experiment all you will need is a candle stump, couple of glasses and blotting paper. First of all light the candle stump and then place it in an empty glass. Now take a sheet of blotting paper and make it damp it with some water. Place this damp blotting paper over the mouth of glass containing the burning candle stump and immediately place another empty glass over it in an inverted position. Soon you will see that the flame will go out and the tumblers with stick to each other. This happens because of combustion in the glass due to which all the oxygen is used up which results into a reduced air pressure inside the glasses (blotting paper is permeable to air). The external air pressure then pushes the glasses together.

You may have observed that the Twin Tumblers science experiment is quite simple to perform and requires minimum effort. Kids can try this science experiment at their home and show it to their family members or friends. This science experiment is perfect for school project or science fair.

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