Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Wild Funnel Experiment

Science experiments are the perfect tools for making children understand science in an interesting manner. These science experiments help in development of a child’s creativity, skills, innovative ideas and understanding of science. Children like to know and learn about those things at appeal to them the most. So to make science interesting for kids several science experiments and activities were formed which are pretty simple to carry out and involve use of simple household items which we usually find at our home.

Wild Funnel Experiment :

Kids should perform these science experiments as per the instructions and should be careful while handling certain materials or equipments which can cause injury if not handled properly. Therefore it is always recommended to perform these experiments under


Wind - Photo Credit : http://www.flickr.com/photos/eyrephotographyaustralia/5409659098/

the supervision of an adult with proper safety equipments. One of the most popular science experiments is the Wild Funnel science experiment. In this article we will discus about this science experiment.

To perform this Wild Funnel science experiment all you need is a candle, funnel and matchsticks. First of all take a candle and light it by matchstick. Now take a funnel and blow air to the flame through the funnel (remember to blow air from a slight distance neither too far nor too close to the flame).

Soon you will be amazed to see that the flame does not blow out, instead it moves in the direction of funnel. This happens because when you blow air through the funnel, the air pressure inside this funnel becomes less due to which the air present outside the funnel starts to enter the space through mouth. As a result of which the flame also moves towards that direction.

You might have observed that the Wild Funnel science experiment is pretty simple to perform and does not require much effort at all. Children can try this science experiment at their home and show it to their friends or family members. They can even use this science experiment for their school project or science fair.

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