Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Wind-Proof Coin Experiment

Science experiments are the best tools to make kids understand science in a remarkable manner. These science experiments help children to develop creativity, innovative ideas and problem solving skills at a very early age. While performing these science experiments kids should follow the instructions properly and use necessary safety equipments under the supervision of an adult. In this article we will discuss about the Wind-Proof Coin science experiment which is one of the most popular science experiments.

Wind Proof Coin Experiment :

In order to perform this Wind-Proof Coin science experiment all you need is a piece of wood, a coin and three pins. First of all place a



piece of wood on a flat surface and then push three pins on this wood in such a manner that a coin can be place on top of these pins. Now take a coin and place it above these pins. Try to blow the coin off the pins. You will be amazed to see that no matter how hard you try the coin stays in its position and do not fall off from the pins. But when you blow the underside of the coin with your lower lip pushed in a forward position, the air lifts the coin and makes it fall. This happens because when you blow the air normally, the smooth and narrow edges of pins are not able to hold the air due to which the air pressure below the coin decreases and the external air pressure forces the coin from above making it to stay on pins. But when you blow from underside of the coin, it easily lifts off.

You may have noticed that the Wind-Proof Coin science experiment is pretty simple to conduct and does not require much effort at all. Children can try this science experiment at their home and show it to their family members or friends. They can even demonstrate this experiment in their class or can use it in science fair.

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