Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Backyard Science Experiments – Gateway to fulfill your child’s curiosity

As we all know that the children are curious by nature and are always looking for the answers to the things happening around them. So in order to fulfill their curiosity and to challenge their young minds, backyard science experiments can be introduced to them. These backyard science experiments can help your child to explore and experiment with variety of things.

Popular backyard Science Experiments:

Backyard Science Experiments

Backyard Science Experiments

There are several easy backyard science experiments which are very popular among kids. Some of the amazing backyard science experiments which can be tried using very few resources are:

  1. Explore Your Backyard with Magnifying Glasses: The backyard has a whole wide range of things which your child would love to explore such as rocks, nuts, insects and plants. Kids can use their magnifying glasses to explore these things.
  2. Water Pressure Experiment: Take an empty two-liter bottle and drill few holes in it at different heights on one side only. Now fill the bottle with water and raise it. The water streams will exit with different intensity and rates. The stream of the water coming out of bottom hole will be faster and harder as compared to the top. This is because the water present at the bottom of the bottle is much heavier than the top.
  3. Bird Watching: Birdfeeders can be really very helpful in attracting birds to your backyard. You can teach your child to make simple birdfeeders by taking some of the pine cones and covering them with peanut butter. Sprinkle some of the birdseeds on these pine cones and then hang them on a tree which can give your child a nice view of the birds with the help of binoculars.
  4. Backyard Science Games

    Backyard Science Games

    Snow making trick: This experiment requires supervision of an adult. The weather should be relatively cold and dry with temperature being 00 F. Take some boiling water and toss it in the air. You will see that a snow cloud will appear. Remember to keep your child at a safe distance while performing this experiment.


This article explains Simple backyard science experiments which can be very beneficial for your child to explore and understand things around them.

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