Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Create Your Dinosaur Model For School Science Experiments

Dinosaur is always an interesting topic among the kids. They had been the biggest animal and were quite dangerous and there were man eaters too, which makes them special and fearful. They lived around 65 million back and they were the rulers at that time. You can create your dinosaur model for school science experiments by any material of household items. The usage of dinosaur as model also helps the kids to learn about biology, paleontology geology etc.

Children can create the surroundings and all, using shoe boxes,make scenes and surroundings using cardboard box pieces, crafts paper and others. You can also take some dinosaur cut-outs from some book and using some stuff inside, make a real model look. You can make the biggest meat eating dinosaur, the tyrannosaurus to make interesting.

Materials Required To Create Dinosaur:

In order to create your dinosaur model for school science experiments we need some materials like images or pictures of them from different angles, some clay and polymer items to create the nose, teeth, eyes, ears etc of the dinosaur. We also need microwave oven to dry the prototype and some colors, either oil color or water color to give the finishing touch.

How To Do The Dinosaur Experiment :

  • With the help of polymer material as well as clay usage, create dinosaur. You can use clay art to make them similar to the images of dinosaur. Keep the dinosaur in a stand and allow it to dry for sometime. Keep it in the microwave oven to dry more and also color them according to your taste to look dangerous and ferocious.
  • You can create terrariums, which is just keeping some pebbles inside the goldfish bowl, with soil on top, some small plants inside ,make it a jungle model and keep your dinosaur cut outs there and allow enough sunlight to pass through which is covered by some plastics having some holes, which makes a very nice science experiment.
  • Dinasaur egg is another science experiment, which will be done by the kids with fascination. Put the dinasur figures inside a balloom and blow the balloon. Cover these balloons with strips of paper and allow the dinosaur to dry. Then with the help of painting, you can make them appear as dinosaur coming out of the egg, as if hatching has started.

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