Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Physics Science Fair Experiments for School Going Kids

It is quite difficult to find a topic for physics science fair experiments for school going kids

Electronic Circuit

Electronic Circuit

and helping the child to come up with a decision on one particular project without heavy expenses is the duty of parents as well as teachers. Doing such experiments is not only fun, but it makes the child to think and learn and understand better.

There are lot of physics science fair experiments for school going kids which you can also try and motivate your child to involve. Let us see some of them.

Static Electricity Experiment:

Rubbing a balloon over your dry hair will generate static electricity and it depends on the number of times you rub over.

Making Kite:

Just by making a kite and allowing it to fly, ask your child to think.Add a longer tail to the kite and now if the kite flies better,ask the child to record about the lengths of the tail and how many tails are required to fly properly and quickly.


Create a simple pendulum from a thread and use weight.If the length of the thread is varied, does it make a difference in period? Try adding more weight to the thread and record the results.


Using copper wire,a nail and lantern battery, you can create an electromagnet.After wrapping the wire in the nail for some time connect the wire ends to terminal of a battery.With the help of a magnet pick the iron filings.Try with more number of wires and see the difference in picking up the iron filings.

Buoyancy Using Eggs:

If you dip an egg in water, the egg will go down and if you put salt into the water, it will rise to the top.Try the buoyancy of the egg using sugar.

Bridge Made of Pasta:

Build more than one piece of pastas forming beams.Now hang a cup from the mid line of the beam and add some of your fishing bolts and beams until it breaks.The pasta bridge is stronger, if you bind it with the rubber bands or tape or glue.Try several shapes of pastas and see which is stronger .

Creating a Parachute:

Using garbage bags and fishing line create parachutes and try which size is better and which shape makes the best parachute .See which string is better – long ones or short strings.

Wattage of Light Bulbs:

Try to see the wattage of several sizes and shapes of light bulbs .Check why the higher wattage appear more bright and hot.

Try Glasses:

Choose a glass full of water and make a tone using a stick.Using different amount of liquid in different glasses ,try again and check the different tones.

Battery Strength:

Try each brand of battery and try yourself which lasts longer and why and record the results in a paper and make a chart and graph out of it.

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