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Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

About Dry ice and its safety precautions

When children get to hear about dry ice they might wonder What is Dry Ice, how does it look like and what it is used for. Dry ice is basically carbon dioxide in frozen form. The special feature of dry ice is that it does not melt away into a liquid but instead changes into gas. The temperature of dry ice is usually about -1090 F and it quickly melts away once exposed to normal environment.

Forms of Dry Ice :

There are several science experiments for kids which involve the use of dry ice. These experiments help children to know What is Dry Ice. While performing these dry ice experiments children have to follow certain safety rules. These safety rules are as follows:

  • Children should not use dry ice without the supervision of an adult because dry ice can cause severe injury.
  • Do not store dry ice in airtight container since gas can be built up in the container causing it burst.
  • Do not directly touch dry ice with your hands as it can cause serious frostbite. Always use gloves or tongs.
  • Never swallow of eat dry ice since it can cause serious injury or complications once in the body.
  • Do not inhale or get close to clouds formed by dry ice as it is carbon dioxide gas.
  • Do not place dry ice in unventilated car or room.
  • If you are having problem breathing or feeling suffocation, leave the area as soon as possible. This is the sig of you breathing too much carbon dioxide.
  • While performing experiments with dry ice make sure that you are wearing safety goggles and other necessary safety equipments.
  • Never place dry ice directly on counter tops since dry ice is extremely cold and can cause cracks on its surface.
  • Never store dry ice in freezer since dry ice is extremely cold and can cause the freezer to shut down by making it too cold.

Some of the popular experiments which explain What is Dry Ice are frozen bubbles experiment, making frost experiment, volcano experiment cloud chamber, etc.

Weight of Air on Paper Experiment

Science experiments are the best means to demonstrate certain facts of science in a fun manner. These science experiments or activities help children to develop a proper understanding of science, creativity and innovative ideas. The best thing about these science experiments is that they are quite simple for kids to carry out and involve use of common household items that we usually find at our home or grocery stores. While performing these science experiments kids should follow the instructions properly and take proper safety measures such as using safety equipments like safety goggles, cloak, gloves, etc.

Weight of Air on Paper Experiment :

Most important of all is to perform these science experiments under adult supervision only to prevent any kind of injury or accident. The Weight of Air on Paper science experiment is one of the most popular science experiments and in this article we will discuss this experiment.

To perform this Weight of Air on Paper science experiment all you need is a cigar box lid and newspaper. First of all place the cigar box lid on the edge of smooth table in such a manner that some part of this lid should be outside the edge. Now take a sheet of newspaper and place it over this lid and smooth it firmly on it. Now with your fist hit hard the projecting part of cigar box lid. You will be amazed to see that the lid will break without making the newspaper sheet flying up. This happens because the air is not able to flow in quickly in the space formed between the table, lid and newspaper. A partial vacuum is created and the normal air pressure acts as a screw clamp by holding the lid still. Continue reading

Weather experiments for kids

Weather for Kids can be truly fascinating and at the same time can be confusing too. The diverse aspects of weather make it hard for the younger kids to understand the principle behind it. In order to make it easy for the kids to learn and know about the amazing world of weather several weather experiments have been formulated. These experiments are the perfect means for the kids to understand the fundamentals behind weather and their properties.

Weather Related Science Experiments :

Weather for Kids can be truly easy to understand by demonstrating certain weather experiments. Kids can later try these experiments

Solar System

Solar System

at home. Some of the most popular weather experiments for kids are explained below:

Fog in a Jar- All you will need is a black paper, matches, gallon jar, colored warm water and a gallon size bag of ice. Cover the back of jar with black paper with the help of a tape so that you will not be able to see through this jar. Now take some colored warm water and fill it in the jar. Light a match stick and hold it for a while over the opening of the jar. Drop the match stick in the jar and immediately cover the opening of jar with bag of ice. Soon you will see little cloud forming in the jar.

Conduction Experiment- All you will need is a paper cup, tongs, water and candle with a stand. First of all take the paper cup and fill 2/3rd of it by water. Now light the candle and with the help of the tong hold the paper cup about two inches above the flame. Hold it in this position till the water in the cup gets hot. You will see that the paper cup does not catch fire. In this experiment the conduction of heat takes place from paper to water as a result of which the paper cup does not burn. Continue reading