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Electricity and Magnetism Physics Experiments – Understanding the concept

Electricity and Magnetism Physics Experiments:

Lets us understand the phenomenon of electricity and magnetism first before we look at the electricity and magnetism physics experiments. We must have observed in our day to day life some objects get attracted to a magnetic field and there are some objects fend off

Magnetism Electricity

Magnetism Electricity

by a magnetic field. The first one is known as para magnetism and the latter one is known as diamagnetism. This property of objects that responds to a magnetic field’s atomic/sub- atomic level is known as magnetism. There are non-magnetic substances also which are least affected by magnetic fields such as gases, copper, plastic, etc.

Due to the movement of electrons there is production of energy and this is referred to as electricity. Energy produced by electricity is in the form of charge. Depending on the control of this charge, there are two types of electricity- static and electric current. The first one occurs is there is no control over charge and the latter one occurs if there is control over the charge. Electricity and magnetism relationship is studied which is referred to as electromagnetism. William Gilbert was the physician who founded modern sciences of magnetism and electricity.

Some of the electricity and magnetism physics experiments are electrical breakdown experiment, experiment on electrostatic force, magnetic force, etc. In electrical breakdown experiment breakdown of air is studied. In magnetic force experiment the magnetic force between wire coils which carry current is studied. Similarly in electrostatic force experiment all different electrostatic force aspects are studies. Some of these experiments can be carried out in the environment of our homes too. Infact if we make little observations in our daily life, we will be able to see how electricity and magnetism works.

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