Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Physical Science Project Experiments

There are several physical science project experiments which can be demarcated for 3rd,4th,5th 6th ,7th standard etc.Students sshould give much importance to the designing of the project rather than doing the project as such.You can get the help of parent as well as teacher to complete.An ideal project will take about 2 to 3 weeks for completion of the project and which should be carried out by the student herself or himself with the guidance of others.

In matter, everything has got some or other connection with physiscs .So you need not worry about whether the experiment is really connected to physical science project experiment.

  • Keep a vinegar bottle or lemon at the end of the building and ask three or four people to smell it and count the time taken by them to smell it.Check whether the time taken for smelling each such substance is  same or is it slightly different.You can get the statistics out of it and chart out the results and end in a conclusion.



  • Another such experiment ,out of several physical science project experiment is popping of a popcorn.Keep the pop corn in a much heated place,then in a refrigerator and then at room temperature.Take the same sample of popcorn in each case.Now check out the remaining amount of popcorn left in each case and now you can chart out and explain the results.
  • Using the thermometer ,try to check out or measure the temperature ,the food prepared at the oven and also on the orginal stove.Heat the food to similar temperature and calculate the temperature at the determined time and elaborate your results.
  • Try to check the color of light in  fog as well as that in water and check the results of bothand you can exaplian the process of refraction and reflection.
  • Try to find out magnetism and does the fundamental measure of a magnet affect the field lines of a magnet which you can track by very simple method of putting iron filings on  a paper sheet above the magnet.
  • Try to make out cubes of ice commencing with different temperatures and does the temperature used at the start have an effect upon the time it takes to freeze.

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