Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Physics Science Fair Experiments for School Going Children

Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein – all these names are icons in the field of Physics. These great physicists invented all the technology, initially experimenting at home and its surroundings. Why do the apples fall down from a tree? This question led to a series of experiments and gave us the facts of the gravitational laws.

Some of Physics Science Fair Experiments :

The importance of Science and Physics cannot be denied. Some children are interested in how things work. Interest can be generated in all kids by organizing Science fairs and

Middle School Class

Middle School Class

experiments. Children get fascinated in experimenting small things. The small experiments prove big facts and the innovative minds of the children can invent new experiments, new arenas in science. It is the basic and important duty of the parents and teachers to organize frequent fun science fairs and experiments.

Many children loathe reading science books but when they partake in experiments and science fairs, they get fascinated and are mesmerized by the experiments and the science world and an awakening of interest and fun in science is witnessed. Magic shows and the art of illusion – have taken birth from the vast field of science. One small, easy experiment of refraction can be shown as a mystical and thrilling magic by a clever magician. This experiment of refraction needs:

The apparatus needed are:-

  1. A long pencil
  2. A glass
  3. Water

If the pencil is immersed in a half glass of water the visual effect is different from different angles. The pencil seems broken from one angle while, it looks bent from another angle, the image of the pencil is lowered from a different visual line. The curved glass acts like a magnifying glass and gives a larger image of the pencil.

In this manner the facts and principles of physics can be made interesting for the children.

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