Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Electro Buzzer Science Experiment

An electro buzzer is basically a signaling device which is used in household appliances, automobiles, or game shows. The electric buzzer science experiment is one of the most popular science experiments.

Electronic Buzzer Project :

Many school children have used this experiment for their science projects and exhibitions. An electro buzzer is quite simple to make and involves use of a circuit, switch, buzzer and battery. You can get these items easily from the market and they won’t cost you much.

To conduct electric buzzer science experiment you will have to follow certain easy steps. All you need is a nine volt battery, nine volt battery holder, clothespin, electrical tape, electric buzzer, wire stripper, two thumbtacks and 1 m of electrical wire. With the help of a wire stripper, you will have to strip the insulation from both ends of wire. Connect

Electric Buzzer Science Project

Electric Buzzer Science Project

one of its ends to a battery holder and then insulate them with the help of an electrical tape. This will prevent any form of short circuit and will make it safe to operate. Now take a buzzer and attach it to the other end of wire. Wrap electrical tape around exposed wires. You can now check the circuit by putting battery in battery holder. If the buzzer makes sound then the connection is perfect.

At the middle of this wire, cut one of its wires in half and remove the insulation form both ends. Now take a clothespin and press a thumbtack into its each arm in such a way that they touch each other when you close the clothespin. Wrap the two ends of previously cut wires to one of the thumbtacks. Your electro buzzer is ready to function.  You will see that the buzzer will sound when the clothespin is closed. If you pinch the clothespin open, the buzzer will immediately stop. This electro buzzer science experiment is simple to perform and is quite amazing.

Conclusion: This article focuses on the electro buzzer science experiment which demonstrates the construction of an electro buzzer and its function.

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