Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Interesting Middle School Science Experiments

Some of the middle school science experiments are: with the help of candies creation of colored chromatography, spinning of boiled eggs in comparison to raw eggs; smell and

Middle School Class

Middle School Class

taste relationship; rainbow formation experiment; preservation of food/ fruits in fridge; greasiness of potato chips, effect of ice cube shape on its way of melting; effect of erosion on soil; ripening of fruits is effected by which all conditions; factors responsible for pesticides effectiveness on plant life; affect of magnetism on plant growth; effectiveness of different permanent markers; effectiveness of different hair sprays; affect of crystals on additives; maximization of crystal size, etc.

There is another interesting middle school science experiment to find out if the color of the candle has an effect on the burning of the candle. It goes without saying that the candles should be bought from one place itself and not different places. This is to ensure that the experiment produces the right result. In addition the size and shape of the candles should be identical and ensure that you do not pick up color dipped candles. Get equal amount of white and colored candles and measure them on a weight machine.

You must make a note of this measurement for your reference later. Each candle should be burnt separately and not together to check for the outcome of the experiment. This burning should take place in an aquarium in order to keep under control the temperature of the ambience. This is also done to ensure that some more factors like wind also is in check as this has an effect on the burning candle. You must burn the candles at an equal amount of time and record the results thereafter.

Likewise there are numerous interesting middle school science experiments some of which can be conducted in the home as well, under adult supervision.

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