Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

School Science Experiments and Projects

Whenever you need a school science experiment, ready to available project will be that of static electricity concept.

Swinging grain due to static electricity, using dry comb to lift small bits of paper after combing for a while, rubbing a filled balloon over your hair etc are some of them. You can even light a bulb using the balloon and display bending water due to static electricity.

Magnetism Electricity

Magnetism Electricity

another one is, using chromatography method, you can separate the colors that are found in a leaf and explain the change of color in the leaves or you can split the light into a spectrum.

Some of the school science experiments can be seen just in and around the house itself like the brief explanation of the light bulbs, refrigerators, batteries, ice cubes, eyeglasses and eyes, plastic and its action. Some indoor experiments like breathing the oxygen (concept behind), hearing different sounds and what make us sick etc. Some others which are outdoors are rainbows-why they occur, how the airplanes fly, what are the seasons and how season changes and why sometimes days are shorter and nights longer, what’s the core of the earth contains and how the boat floats etc.

Some other school science experiments projects are:

  • The way batteries work. You can make a battery using lemon battery or make it with the help of water.
  • Try airplane with a lift having a wing to fly, else make a helicopter using the paper   etc.
  • Buy a winter bird and feed them and see how it changes according to season and how it adapts to the habitat.
  • For producing static electricity, the simple well known experiment is using a dry comb.

Things to do for static electricity experiment:

  • Charge the comb by running through your hair for a very long time
  • You can also bring charge to the comb by rubbing it with some rough cloth

Show the comb to a running water stream and you can see the water bend due to static electricity.

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