Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Some Samples of Electricity Experiment Projects

Electricity experiment projects have been an area of interest for kids and adults alike. Although some experiments are not that easy, yet with some guidance can be performed. We will touch upon some samples of electricity experiment projects. I must not forget to caution the adults that if the kids are going to perform electricity experiment projects, then complete guidance and awareness about electricity should be given to them.

Known to be one of the versatile sources of energy available with us today, electricity plays an important part of our day today life. Electricity can be generated at one point and we can receive it at another point by flow of energy. Static electricity is known as static because it is generated at a place and does not move and current electricity is one that moves different places. Electromagnetism is another concept in electricity that you should be aware of. There is magnetism in an electric wire and the way you can observe it is by switching the electric wire on and off and placing a compass near it while doing so. You will observe the needle of the compass moving in this process and this is due to the magnetism in the wire.

Some of the samples of electricity experiment projects can be construction of a model lighthouse to learn about flash light, use zinc, lemon, galvanometer and strips of copper for producing electric current, an electromagnetic crane which will pick up items that get attracted to the plate, the wire, compass experiment to show needle movement, electricity science project to find out the generation of electricity for the longest time with the help of different batteries- this is essentially carried out to find out the most effective batteries for this purpose and many such sample experiments can be performed.

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