Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Teaching Environmental Science Experiments and Research Ideas Among Students

When it comes to environmental science experiments, it includes the experiments which cause no harm to the nature and by using natural products. Instead of cutting trees and taking out their resources we can provide an alternate to it and protect our mother god- nature. Environmental science experiments and research ideas are to be brought awareness among children.

Environmental Science Experiments:

1) Biogas Cooking Science Experiment:

Biogas uses the waste (human waste and animal waste) and converts that into a form of energy where it is used for cooking, electricity and so on. In science fair experiments students can explain the process and make the people use biogas cooking rather that burning wood and coal which produces harmful gas a byproduct and cause damage green house effect.

2) Water Testing Experiments:

Water for drinking is the necessary and must need among every living being. More water should be drunk in a day but the water that we drink should be clean and safe. Water testing experiments acts as an environmental science experiment and creates research ideas.

Thus for testing the purity among water or to clean the water we would construct the apparatus that has filter at the top and two rods of unlike charges which would attract the dirt over one side and water on the other side and at the bottom a boiler to be attached to burn off the bacteria.

Research Ideas:

Instead of approaching and selecting a topic for winning a science fair experiment, the student (kid) needs to put some effort to research on the topic and see to that how far it is very helpful in bringing up the development in society and also see that it is absolutely safe. The most wanted subject to be research is on obtaining electricity from vegetable waste and provide current to everyone for all 24 hours and 365 days.

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