Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Water Science Experiments How To Do Water Magic

Water science experiments are real fun and you can do some water magic tricks as well. I will share some of these here. Water science experiments are many varying from easy to tough ones. One of the easiest tricks is the pepper and water science. All that is required for this experiment is the following easy found ingredients:

How To Do Water Magic:

Water, black pepper, bowl and a liquid dishwasher. To begin with you need to fill the bowl with water and put some pepper on it. Now feel the water with pepper and I am sure you will not find anything different. Now put some liquid dishwasher on your finger and dip it inside this bowl of water with pepper on it. You will see an immediate reaction and the pepper will move towards the edges of the bowl.

Water Magic

Water Magic

Similarly there are some more water science experiments which will show you how to do magic like water wine trick, bending water and many more. Water and wine experiment is a one of the most popular experiments in chemistry. To perform this experiment you will need a drinking glass, water, sodium carbonate and phenolphthalein. You need to first coat the glass bottom with sodium carbonate and also prepare half glass of water simultaneously. Phenolphthalein drops about 10 should be added to the water glass.

Now mix water which contains Phenolphthalein drops with sodium carbonate glass and mix them properly. You will observe a change of water to red color just like wine.

Above detailed are just a few experiments that can be performed to do magic like tricks with water. There are hosts of other simple and some difficult water based experiments that will look like magic. So go ahead and surprise your friends with the experiments that you just learnt.

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