Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Exciting and Interesting Magnet Science Experiments For Kids

When it comes to discussion of science projects and experiments for kids it must not be too complicated and it must make children very fun while doing experiments. Before moving into the performances of magnetic experiment try to learn the properties of magnet. Magnet science experiments for kids have many things that can be tested however it is good and safe if the child has an adult to assist them or to watch them.

Magnetism is a wide range of topic but however when we try to experience its effects it seems to be so magical. Elements which the magnet attracts towards are the good conductor of electricity. Elements include iron, steel and several metals. So try to be out of reach of current as the kids are involved in the experiments.

Some of the science experiments for kids involving magnet:

1) Sand response to magnet:

Regardless of moving into to the magnetic experiment, take some sand in the paper and place a magnet under the paper randomly, you kid will be able to see how the iron in sand move according the magnet movements. This is the most simple magnet science experiments for kids.

2) Magnet property in cereal:

To test whether the food (corn flakes) that we take in for breakfast contains iron or not, we would place the flakes in a plate and take a magnet near it, if the flakes are attracted then it has iron. Not only corn flakes but also other cereals have minerals and magnetic metals in it.

3) Magnetized paper clip chain experiment:

Paper clip chains can be formed by taking a strong magnet and attach the first paper clip to the magnet and attach the second clip, in this case the first clip acts as a magnet for the second clip. If we attempt to remove the first clip, then the whole chain falls off. This experiment can be done to test the strength of the magnet.

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