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Light Refraction In Glass Filled Water Science Experiment

One of the most interesting science experiments in physics is that of optics field. The impact of light has been given importance on several platforms. The effect of light on water is also discussed.

Water Glass

Water Experiment

Now let us define reflection and refraction .Reflection is the most fundamental property of light, whenever light go through a glass surface. It will have effect on the original form of the light rays. You will need some components to prove light refraction in glass filled with water experiment like:

• A Glass of water or vessel full of water.
• A pencil rod or pen

The rod of pencil will bend from the original angle to another different angle. If the rod doesn’t bend, then place it in a much lighted area, where there is more scope. It will bend due to refraction and you can alter the angle of the pencil rod against the water surface to see the results and thus jot down the readings in your book.

You can also use a magnifying glass to sow refraction. One will think, how through magnifying glass, one is able to see numbers, letters and other objects.

The main concept behind this is nothing but refraction, where light is bend when it comes to glass of different density from air. It uses a glass having curve called lens in order to bend the light, when the light alters from the air to the lens of glass.

Allow the child to do on his own ,so as to build maximum confidence in the child.Another method to do light refraction in glass filled with water experiment is described below.

Things Required To Do The Experiment:

• Take a plastic bag with zip like closing
• Take water
• A book to magnify the images

How To do The Experiment, Step by Step Help:

1. Fill the plastic bag which is see through with water.Seal the plastic bag and dry the water outside.
2. In the book try to magnify a word or picture
3. Hold the water filled portion of the bag across the book .If you observe through the water you can see a magnified picture or word,which shows the difference in density of water and air .
4. You can add more water to check the words.Jot down the results and readings and take the angle of refraction for different angles.

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