Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Magnetism Field Lines Science Experiment

We all are familiar with magnets and their properties. Magnets have become part of our lives and are used in our everyday appliances. Children like to play with these magnets and find it quite interesting to see it stick on metallic objects. These metallic objects are basically made of iron, cobalt or nickel. These magnets attract and repel other magnets.

Cool Experiments with Magnet :

The compass needle works on the same principle of magnetism in which the northern pole of this compass will point towards the north pole of earth.  There are many science experiments which involve the use of magnets. The magnetism field lines science experiment is one of such experiments which can be pretty simple to perform.

To perform magnetism field lines science experiment you will have to follow certain simple steps. All you need is a piece of paper, some iron filings and a bar magnet. Put this piece of paper on a flat surface and then place the bar magnet on this paper. Now take some iron filings and sprinkle them around the magnet. You will see that these iron filings will gather together to form certain pattern of lines around the magnet. These iron filings show the magnetic field around the bar magnet.

You will see that these magnetic lines flow from one end of the magnet to other and the magnetic force is strongest at the two ends. These two ends of the bar magnet represent South Pole and North Pole. The magnetic field of this bar magnet goes from North Pole to South Pole.

You may have seen that the magnetism field lines science experiment helps us to see invisible magnetic field, which is made visible by the use of iron filings. This experiment is pretty amazing and is easy to conduct.

Conclusion: This article focuses on magnetism field lines science experiment which is simple to perform and does not require much effort. Children can try this experiment to understand the properties of magnet.

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