Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Sun Clock Science Experiment

In earlier days when there were no clocks, people used to tell time by looking at the length of a shadow. During those times sun clocks were widely used. These sun clocks tell us the solar time which is quite different from the standard time. There is a slight difference between the solar time and the standard time.

These days we follow standard time. Now life has become easier and with the invention of clock we can tell the exact time. The sun clock science experiment is an amazing experiment which is pretty simple to perform. This experiment involves the construction of a fully functional sun clock. While performing this experiment kids will learn to tell time using shadow.

Make a Sundial Science Project :

To perform sun clock science experiment you will have to follow certain simple steps. It will take you not more than ten minutes to build this clock. All you will need is a two feet stick, markers (stones or plastic numbers) and a round cake tin. Take a round cake tin and fill it with moist sand. To the exact centre of the cake tin, you can press the stick. Now place the can outside into a sunny area. After every one hour, put the marker on the shadow cast by the stick. Your sun clock is ready and you can use it everyday to tell time. But remember not to move the clock from its place or you will have to do all the markings again.

You may have noticed that the sun clock science experiment is pretty easy to conduct and does not require any use of laboratory equipment or apparatus. The sun clock is simple to make and any child can try this at home.

Conclusion: This experiment focuses on the sun clock science experiment which can prove to be quite interesting for school children. The simple nature of this science project makes it easy for the kids to perform this experiment.

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