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Generating Electricity With a Bicycle Experiment – Learn how to do so

Generating electricity with a bicycle experiment is a simple way to make electricity. Not only this it’s a good form of exercise too. Electricity production will purely on two factors: the generator that is out to use for this purpose and invertor’s wattage. This kind of experiment can be really wonderful for people at all ages. To conduct this experiment you would need a bike, generator, copper wire, diode, battery and 25amp fuse.

Bicycle Experiment

Bicycle Experiment

To conduct the experiment you need to position the bike well and ensure its stable. The front tire should be removed and you need to ensure that the elevation of the back tire needs to be good enough to be able to generously spin. Next you need ensure that the inner tube of the back tire is taken out. Wheel should be attached to the pulley with the help of a belt. This pulley will be attached to the generator. Now the diode and generator should be connected together with the help of a copper wire. Since there are both terminals-positive and negative to diode and generator, you need to be cautious in attaching these to the right terminals.

Battery and diode now need to be connected together. Between the wire of the positive terminals of the diode and the battery a 25amp fuse is to be installed. Now the generator’s socket should be connected to the inverter which helps in conversion to alternating current from direct current. The only thing left is to begin generating electricity using the bicycle.

Doesn’t it sound exciting generating electricity with a bicycle experiment? I am sure it does. You can go ahead and try this experiment and even encourage children at home to try this, however it must be done under adult supervision.

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