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How To Make A Volcano Model For Science Experiment

To make a volcano model it is not necessary to know everything about it. A simple knowledge or a basic infrastructure and presence of lava inside it will erupt. The experiment of how to make volcano model needs basic elements and it can be done in many ways depending on whether the need of it should erupt or static.

Things Required for this project:

Plastic tray, sand, cotton, vinegar, baking soda, dish soap (detergent), a jar with a little opening, card board, water, scissor, food coloring, bladder and color pens.

Steps involved in making the volcano model for science experiment:

1) There are several ways involved in making but only two methods are discussed. Take the plastic tray, place the jar in the middle of the tray and fill the sand such that the jar is not visible.

2) Pour one cup of water into the jar, then add half cup up baking soda, then half cup of dish soap, add red and orange color food coloring, measure half cup of vinegar and add to it.

3) Stir the mixture so well and in some time you can see that the mixture comes out, appearing as if the volcano is erupting.

4) The other way of how to make volcano model as experiment is that take the cardboard and fold it in the cone shape, color it in brown pen, paste and place it in the tray and fill the inner with cotton and other stuffs.

5) For simple volcano model, place some cotton near the mouth of the volcano and color with red pen. In other case attach the bladder or pumping switch inside the cone model.

6) Pour some red color water into it and press the switch so that the water pumps out as volcano erupts.

Experiment involving the question of how to make volcano model is solved with simple solution and made easily.

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