Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Science Fair Questions

Science Fair Questions are really very helpful in focusing on a specific topic related to science project. These questions come in handy while doing research before making a science project. These Science Fair Questions are meant to explain some of the most amazing and fascinating things. Kids can go through these Science Fair Questions and choose the topic which they think will best suit for their science project. Questions like these make it easy for the children as well as adults to understand the fundamental principle behind things which may either seem unbelievable or hard to understand.

Science Fair Questions for Kids :

The following are some of the most popular Science Fair Questions which have been collected from numerous sources such as internet and books:

  • Under what conditions will ice cube melt faster?
  • Is sound affected by the length of vibrating object?
  • How can the temperature of a tennis ball affect the elevation of its bounce?
  • Does the metal baseball bat vibrate more than wooden baseball bat?
  • Which liquid is known to have the highest viscosity?
  • Hoe can the sun’s energy be used to clean water?
  • Does water with salt evaporate faster or water without salt?
  • How does the temperature affect the effect of glue?
  • Does temperature affects the elasticity of rubber?
  • How do temperature changes affect the paint?
  • What are the factors which affect the ampere, voltage and resistance of an electric circuit?
  • What are the factors and principles that affect the electric motor’s efficiency?
  • How do refraction and diffraction of light affected by different materials?
  • Which size/ type of light bulb produce more light?
  • What are the effects of different types of lubricants on gears?
  • What are the kinds of bacteria found in tap water?
  • Which type of soil is best for filtering water?
  • Does baking soda affect water temperature?
  • Is evaporation affected by color of water?

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