Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Water Jet Science Experiment

Science experiments or projects for the kids are the perfect means to make children understand the fundamentals behind the things that happen around them. These science experiments are not only easy to perform but are also pretty fascinating for the kids. The Water Jet Science Experiment is one of such experiments which is pretty popular among kids and is safe and simple to carry out.

Water Jet science project :

To perform the Water Jet Science Experiment all you will need is an empty bottle of plastic, needle, bowl, water, scotch tape and table.

Water Magic


First of all take the empty plastic bottle and with the help of a needle make a hole in it. An adult supervision is needed while using needles. This hole should be three to four inches away from the bottle’s base. Now 20 cm above this hole make a second hole.

Take an adhesive tape and cover these holes with it. Once the holes are covered with tape you can fill this plastic bottle with water and then place it on a table. Quickly remove both the tapes from this bottle and soon you will see jet of water coming out from both these holes. You will see that the jet of water coming out from lower part of bottle is stronger than the jet of water coming out from upper part of bottle.

The reason behind this is that the weight of water in the bottle puts pressure on the lower region as a result of which the water rushes out with more pressure. Whereas the water jet coming out from the upper part of bottle is not so strong because of less weight and pressure of water.

You might have observed that this Water Jet Science Experiment is very simple to conduct and does not require much effort at all. Children can perform this experiment easily at home or they can use it in their upcoming school project or science fair.

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