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Sugar Fire Science Experiment

Sugar is a common kitchen item and we use it daily for various culinary purposes. The most common use of sugar is in a tea or coffee. The experiment which we are going to demonstrate here involves the burning of sugar. Try to burn sugar with a matchstick and you will see that it will not burn. But the sugar fire science experiment will demonstrate us how to burn sugar.

Cool Fair Projects With Sugar Cubes:

To perform this sugar fire science project, you will have to follow few simple steps. All you will need is an ordinary table sugar, glass jar, potassium chlorate, safety equipments and sulphuric acid. Children should not perform this experiment without an

Burning Sugar Experiment

Burning Sugar Experiment

adult supervision. Take a glass jar which you don’t value much. Add some sugar and potassium chlorate in equal quantities in this jar. Mix them well and then place this jar in an open area. Remember not to store this mixture as it can result into spontaneous reaction. Always remember to take proper safety measures, since this experiment involves shattering of glass with a tall flame. Now wear your safety goggles, lab coat, gloves and other equipments to ensure proper safety.

Carefully add one or two drops of sulphuric acid to this mixture and soon you will see that the mixture will burn with a tall purple flame, producing lot of smoke and heat. This happens because potassium chlorate is an oxidizer and the sugar gets easily oxidized. Adding sulphuric acid to this mixture causes the potassium chlorate to decompose, as a result of which oxygen is produced.

You may have noticed that the sugar fire science experiment is a pretty fascinating science activity. This experiment makes the sugar burn like any inflammable substance with a bright purple flame.

Conclusion: This article focuses on the sugar fire science experiment which involves burning sugar with the help of potassium chlorate and sulphuric acid. Children should not perform this experiment without an adult supervision. Make sure that you are wearing proper safety equipments while performing this activity.

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