Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Weather Frog Experiment

The Weather Frog science experiment is one of the most popular science experiments. In this article we will discuss the Weather Frog science experiment which can prove to be pretty amazing for the kids.

Weather Frog Science Experiment :


Frog - Image Credit : http://www.flickr.com/photos/dcxdan/4294521480/

In order to perform the Weather Frog science experiment all you need to have is a green paper, a 2f-inch-long strip of metal, sewing needle, scissors, thin wire, four inch high jar, cardboard, paper dish, counterweight, plastic foil and a thread. First of all cut the green paper with help of a scissor into a shape of a frog. Then take a cardboard and cut it into a shape of a ladder.

Now take a 2f-inch-long strip of metal in a shape of a U and then make two holes through this U- shaped metal strip so that a needle can pass easily through these holes. Take a thin piece of wire and attach it to this needle and then stick the frog to this thin wire. Now take a four inch high jar and stick the U-shaped metal strip on middle of the wall of this jar. Stick the cardboard ladder in the jar close to this U-shaped metal strip in such a manner that the frog appears to be standing on it.

Take a thread and wind it on the needle. To the end of this thread tie a counterweight. To a piece of plastic foil you can now stick a paper dish and make a fine hole at the center. Place this foil with paper dish over the mouth of jar and pass the other end of thread with counterweight through the hole in its center. Make a thick knot and seal the hole. Make sure that the foil is stretched firmly over the mouth of jar in a smooth and airtight manner.

You will see that when there is fine weather (high air pressure) the plastic foil will press inwards and the frog will climb up the ladder. When there is bad weather (low pressure) there will be less pressure on the foil due to which the frog will climb back down the ladder.

You might have observed that this Weather Frog science experiment is pretty simple to conduct and kids can try this at home.

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