Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Mini Microphone Experiment

Kids like to conduct science experiments because of their interesting nature and amazing results. These science experiments have become the perfect medium for the kids to learn and understand the basics of science behind any interesting fact or occurrence. Experiments like these help children to develop creativity, innovative ideas and a better understanding of science in a very early age. Children can choose from the huge variety of these science experiments and their ideas and can perform them on their own. One of the most popular science experiments is the Mini Microphone science experiment. This is a simple and fantastic science experiment which can be performed easily by children.

Mini Microphone Science Experiment :

In order to conduct this Mini Microphone science experiment all you need is two pencil leads, one short pencil lead, empty matchbox,



battery, microphone and earphone (can be obtained from transistor radio).  First of all take these two pencil leads and push them through the shorter sides of the matchbox. Now with the help of a fine blade scrape off some surface of these two leads and do the same with the shorter lead also. You can now place this shorter lead on these two longer leads.

Now connect the microphone with earphone and battery. Your Mini Microphone is complete now. Tell your friend or any family member to put on the earphone and sit at a distance. Now hold the box in a horizontal position and speak something into it. The words which you will speak will be clearly heard in the earphone. The reason behind it is that once connected to the battery the current starts flowing through the leads and when somebody speaks into the box it makes the base vibrate causing an uneven flow of current. These current vibrations result into vibrations in the earphone due to which the person on the other end can hear what is spoken.

You might have noticed that the Mini Microphone science experiment is pretty simple to conduct and can prove to be quite amusing for the kids.

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