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Popcorn Science Experiment Step By Step



The popcorn science experiment can be done by popping a pop corn with the help of burner and beaker and see how many un-popped kernels are left.

We have to check the number of pop corns popped in room temperature and in other different temperatures.

The materials and things to do are:

First of All Create a data table to tabulate the results :

Temperature  used Total amount of un-popped kernels Average
Room temp Test 1      Test 2 Test 3  
Frozen temp        
Other temp        

After graphing the results ,take the average of each temperature and you can set up the range you want.You can even go for the brand, which pops the more number of kernels.


Whatever you would like to find out from the popcorn science experiment step by step, decide and make a list of it.

Planning the whole process:

For what reason the popcorn pops and try with different conditions and what should be the controlled variables that has to be constant. Write procedure for the popcorn science experiment step by step and make an elaborate list of equipments needed for it.

Recording Results :

Try to get the average or percentage of un-popped kernels and number of popped kernels. Divide the amount of kernels popped with the number you had at the beginning. Multiply the result with 100 and you will get the percentage of popped kernels. You can even make a bar graph and equate the “% of popped kernels” of several brands of popcorn.

Develop Conclusion:

Check the accuracy of your prediction, choose the topmost brand which popped most kernels and write a report of several brands that you examined and create a hypothesis, describe the experiment with graphs, tables and end with what you found and you may also display or draw the equipment that you used for it.

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