Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

Science Experiment of Two Colored Flower

Flowers come in different shapes and colors. Many of us like to grow flowers in our garden and sometimes we use them for decorative purposes. The experiment which we are going to discuss now involves the use of flower. The science experiment of two colored flower is a pretty amazing experiment which makes the flower change its color. This experiment is simple to perform and can be quite amusing for the kids.

Change the Color of a Flower with this Experiment :

To perform the science experiment of two colored flower, you will have to follow few simple steps. All you will need is a white flower with leaves and stem, blade, water, red dye and two glass tumblers. Take these glasses and fill them both with water. Now add some red dye in one of the glasses and mix well. Use a blade to split the stem of flower. Children should be very careful while using a blade. Put one half of the stem in a glass filled with dyed liquid and the other end in a glass containing normal water.

Now leave it there and wait for few hours. It may take five to twelve hours for the dye to take effect. Later you will see that one half of the flower will change its color. This happens because the dyed liquid moves from the glass to the petals of flower. As a result of which the flower changes half its color.

You may have noticed that the science experiment of two colored flower is pretty interesting to perform. This experiment is easy to conduct and does not require much effort at all. Children can try this flower experiment at their homes and find it quite amusing. They can try using dyes of different colors and show it to their friends.

Conclusion: This article focuses on the science experiment of two colored flower which is simple to carry out. Children can use this experiment for their science fairs and exhibitions.

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