Some of very Easy Science Experiment Projects For School Going Kids

The Disappearing Finger Science Experiment

Since our childhood we have been fascinated by different science experiments and tricks which were truly amazing and wonderful. Even today when we look at such experiments, we cannot stop wondering how such things can be possible. disappearing finger Science Experiment is one of such experiments which can be truly fascinating and unbelievable.

The Amazing Disappearing Reappearing Finger :

These science experiments are easy to perform and one can try them anywhere. There is no need for expensive lab equipments or apparatus. The disappearing finger Science Experiment is considered to be one of the most popular science experiments. To attempt the disappearing finger Science Experiment you have to follow few simple steps. Stretch your arms in front of you and point the index fingers straight up to your eye level. Now you can close your left eye and then use your right eye to put focus on left index finger. While looking at left index finger move your right index finger slowly towards right. Remember not to move it very far, moving five to ten inches will do. Soon you will be amazed to find that the top of your finger has disappeared. This is quite a cool example to demonstrate how our brain can trick us sometimes.

You might have noticed that the disappearing finger Science Experiment is quite easy to perform and anybody can try it. This is the beauty of such experiments. Even children can try this at home or tell their friends and find it truly fascinating. You can show this experiment at home to your children. Science teachers can demonstrate it to their students in the class. Such experiments help children to understand science in an interesting and joyful manner. While to some, it may seem like some kind of magic trick, but you can always explain the scientific rationale behind it.

Conclusion: This article focuses on the disappearing finger Science Experiment which is simple to perform and is quite interesting. Experiments like these have really proved to be very beneficial in making children understand science in a better way.

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